All Klowns On Fire artwork created by Ike Duncan

3 Pack - Holiday Specialty Hot Sauces Gift Pack

For the holidays, we are offering our "Award Winning" Specialty Hot Sauces in a 3 - Pack.  This is that special gift of "Heat" that always produces a wonderful reaction.

These are our 3 hottest sauces but ALWAYS Flavor Before Fire!

We recommend early ordering to ensure you package arrives before the holidays!

Sycho In Sturgis:

Out sauce specially made for the Sturgis Bike Rally.  Enjoy the mix of our award winning sauces with Mango, Peach and Pink Guava!  And yes, much more heat.

Passion Of The Dragon:

Made with the very rare Dragons Breath Pepper.  Enjoy the  Passion Fruit with that once in a lifetime heat.  As always, Flavor Before Fire!

I Scream Klown:

Who says your spice has to end after dinner!  Enjoy the great mix of high end dark chocolate, raspberries and other secret ingredients.  Fantastic on a bowl of ice cream, brownies, fruit...the sky is the limit with this one!

Note:  Gift Tins will vary based on inventory but will alway have that Holiday Season look!


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