All Klowns On Fire artwork created by Ike Duncan

Klowns Gourmet Kollection


By Popular Demand - We are offering our Klowns Gourmet Kollection!

Included are the following in 5 OZ  Bottles:

Klownfische - This was a sauce that was created for a local restaurant in the DFW area for oysters, but we have found through feedback and personal use that it pairs well with any seafood.  Some feedback to date have been Crab Cakes, Deviled Eggs, Roast Beef, Prime Rib, Salads and a typical use as well is for Sushi.  A Wasabi/Horseradish Cream Sauce that give you that GREAT flavor that you will savor with your own ideals as well.  This IS our mildest sauce.

Kiss Of The Klown - Out MOST awarded Hot Sauce in the collection that is one of our "Best Sellers".  It has been the staple Hot Sauce we were known for since developed for sale.  Best response we get on this addition is it pairs well with just about anything.  Don't just use it to dip, but use it as a marinade or addition to any of your favorite dishes including eggs, pasta, rice and of course tacos!  This is our mid-range sauce in our Hot Sauce collection.

Passion Of The Dragon - Our BEST SELLER!  Made with the much sought after Dragons Breath Pepper.  For those looking to kick it up a litlle bit in their dishes.  Some say it will slap you in the face and give you a back rub.  Made with Passion Fruit, you will defintiely get a passion for this sauce that pairs well with any dish just like the Kiss Of The Klown!  

I Scream Klown - Who says spice has to end after dinner!?  This sauce was specifically made for Ice Scream, but you can satisfy any of goals with this on any desserts!.  Some great options, our over Brownies just out of the oven, in your waffle or pancake mix and cook up some spicy breakfast!  Great ideal for coffee and drizzeled over fruit.  A Dark Chocolate, Raspberry sauce will spice up any of your culinary dish ideals!  Yes - our hottest sauce!


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