“A Taste of the Caribbean with some Texas Heat!”

During a trip to St. John, VI in the Caribbean over twenty years ago, a few close friends and I experienced a taste which had the perfect combination of tangy sweetness from the local island fruits along with the right amount of heat.  For years I’ve tried to create this type of sauce to no avail until early 2016 when the last piece of the puzzle was solved with the 20th ingredient added to finally create…

Great on Grilled Chicken, Chicken Wings, Enchilada’s, Lasagna, BBQ and Cream Cheese…..  even fed some to Tabasco kitty on St. John many moons ago…  he was skinny when we got there, but was a porker when we left :)…  and if he loved it – I knew we were on to something 😉

We are extremely proud to make this taste from the Caribbean with a Texas twist available to give everyone that wonderful fruit taste that starts out sweet but bites back the heat of the Carolina Reaper pepper.

  • Thanks guys for the awesome hot sauce me and the boys appreciate your support. It made the MRE's a whole lot better! Semper Fi.

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Klown Artwork by Ike Duncan