All Klowns On Fire artwork created by Ike Duncan
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NYC Hot Sauce Expo

April 22nd, 2018   

Screaming Mi Mi - Reaper Sauce  Kiss of the Klown

2nd Place - XXX Hot Sauce Klowns Peach Inferno

Press Release

Klowns on Fire BBQ Sauce Awards

2018 New York Hot Sauce Expo 
Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce - 1st Place
Kiss of the Klown
X - 2nd Place
Klowns Peach Inferno

ZestFest 2018 Fiery Food Challenge Winners
Cook-Off Wing Sauce - 2nd Place
Mango Reaper BBQ Hot Sauce
Hot/X-Hot Sauce - 2nd Place
Extreme Mango Reaper BBQ Hot Sauce
Marketing: Wearable Item - 2nd Place

27th Annual Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival Contest Winners
Commercial Bottlers Judged by Celebrity Judges Special Variety - 3rd Place
Klowns on Fire! Mango Reaper

2017 Chili Pepper Awards Winners
Fruit Based - 1st Place
Mango Reaper BBQ Hot Sauce
Barbecue Sauce

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